French Riviera

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French Riviera
Melding of nature & man-made architecture in the sunshine of Nice, France


Many people see style and the industry that surrounds it as superficial.

Presented here is the marriage between style and substance, or the combined power of substance with style. This is my attempt to bridge the perceived gap.

Creativity and artistry should not be separated from what is considered intelligent, thought-provoking or even academic. In fact, I am a strong believer that separating the two is detrimental to progress, originality and society as a whole.

This space is a reflection of ideas, thoughts and an opening of discussion between the worlds of fashion as art and its substantial global power.

I hope you will join me & allow this to diffuse far beyond the confines of this space.

Debate, share, enjoy!


J x


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Beautiful spot in Monaco
Snapped in Monaco, summer 2014


Aik Bee Textiles Arab Street
Chinese silks in Singapore

About me: 


I love to travel! I exist thanks to a fusion of cultures and am a strong advocate of wanderlust. ‘SS Travels’ is a collection great spots from cities I’ve lived in. Bear with me as I back-catalogue my most recent finds…



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